Carports Ayrshire

Carports Ayrshire

Just had our garage roof done. It’s perfect, Absolutely first class job. The 2 lads were lovely, not one bit of mess left. Highly recommend. Many Thanks.

Tam Mitchell 👌👌
Sharon & Tam Mitchell, South Scotland, August 2021

Asbestos Garage Roof Metal Cladding

“Removed the asbestos roof and replaced with a brand new red metal roof which looks way better and is much safter, great price and customer service”

Jim Lewis, Ayrshire, December 2022

Garage roof replacement

“Amazing transformation to an old roof! Great service! Would highly recommend.”
Joanne Swan, Glasgow, December 2022

Asbestos Garage Roof Metal Cladding

“Delighted with our new garage roof, highly recommend!”

Pauline Fenty, Ayrshire, December 2022

Garage roof replacement

What Are Carports?

Carports are open yet sheltered spaces for people to park cars at their homes. Their fixtures and roof provide a designated area to park your car so it is protected from the elements helping maintain the paintwork. They generally serve as cheaper alternatives to a car garage, generally allowing for more space for guests and a second or even third family car to park.
Aestistics aside they can also be practical, having features such as sockets and pressure washers or a garden hoose to allow you to hoover and valet your car inside and out.
Demand for carports during 2023 in Ayrshire and across Scotland has soared, due to families often now having more than one car, the cheaper cost of a carport compared to a garage and the increase in popularity of electric cars and vehicles.  
There are various types of carport which we will explain in further detail on this page.

Difference Between a Carport or Pergola

The difference between a carport and a pergola is simple, carports are specifically for the purpose of storing cars, and although pergolas can be used for this, they are generally more for leisure in your garden. 


Garden pergola

Best Carports Ayrshire

The best carport really depends on your needs, type of property, budget and the number of cars you have. The best carports for homes in Ayrshire tend to be metal or solid timber wooden ones. 

You need something robust to withstand strong winds and adverse weather, also a structure that doesn’t wither from the effects of rain and sunlight over the course of time.

Metal Carports Ayrshire

Metal carports have a frame made from stainless steel (both the supports and the beams) and a metal cladding roof. Metal cladding is a combination of metals bonded together to creater a more durable material. Metals bonded to create cladding include steel, zinc, copper and aluminum. 

Customers often tell us they prefer the metal cladding know the don’t have to worry about maintenance that they may have to with wood. There is also a choice of colours to allow it to easily blend in with the design of your house and garden.


Metal Carport installed in Ayrshire – Stainless steel frame with a metal cladding roof

Timber and Wooden Carports

Solid timber and wooden carports are another popular option for carport installation in Ayrshire. Some cheap wooden carports can have issues in strong winds, every structure we install is well crafted using solid materials so this is not an issue. 

As for any maintenance concerns, depending on the type wooden material you select, it is advised that you apply some oil from time to time. Other than this there is no maintenance, the roof of wooden carports tends to be metal cladding or EPDM Firestone rubber roofing, which will both stay in good condition for decades.


Wooden Caport installed in Ayrshire – Wood carport frame with metal cladding roof sheets

Solar Carports

There are advanced (and rather expensive) solar carports available in the market today. These models have the roof of the caport made out of solar PV panels. We don’t install these types of carports yet, however, we can install solar panels on your carport roof, for more information contact us to arrange a free solar consultation to discuss which types of panels are best.


Solar Carport – with solar panels integrated into the roof.

Carports With EV Chargers

Home EV charge points have been in big demand over the last few years, due to the amount of electric cars now on the road, especially Tesla’s.

Home EV chargers are all about conviences, so having one in your carport is a bit of a no brainer! This is an option we have help you with should you be interested.


Home EV Charger installed in a Ayrshire garage

Carport Roofs Ayrshire

There are various types of carport roofs which we will breakdown in more detail for you. During your free quote we provide at your home, we can explain the benefits of each type of carport roof and which one will best suit your needs.

Metal Carport Roof

Metal roofs are made from metal cladding which is known to last decades, making it the most popular type of roof used. They come in a range of colour options and people enjoy the zero maintenance requirements they come with.

PVC Plastic Carport Roof

Plastic roof sheets used for PVC carport roofs are far more lightweight and not always advised for use in Ayrshire unless you use the best material available and depending on the exact location of your carport.

The benefits of a PVC roof are that they are transparent, allowing light into your space which if you are using for other things than just parking your car, can be useful.

GRP Carport Roof

GRP roofing is a fibreglass material popular for flat roof installations. GRP stands for “glass reinforced polyester” just like Firestone rubber roofs, GRP roofs come with a 25 year guarantee and a lifespan of over 50 years.

Rubber Carport Roof

Rubber carport roofs are made from EPDM Firestone rubber which comes with a 25 year guarantee and has a life expectancy of 50 years plus.

Firestone rubber is used worldwide, and known for being watertight and robust, providing zero maintenance benefits much like the metal cladding option. 

firestone flat roofs Glasgow
firestone rubber flat roofs Glasgow

Garage vs a Carport in Ayrshire

Garages will always cost more than a caport. The provide extra secure storage space and can reduce your car insurance premium.

Caports provide more open space around your home and garden, and with all the modern features you can now have with them, cost aside, the difference these days really comes down to personal preference.

Carport Cost in Ayrshire

The cost of your carport will depend on various factors including the type or structure you want installed, the roof and materials we will need to supply and fit. Installation can also dictate the price, most installs are fairly simple, however, we have come across some more challenging jobs over the years. 

We really can’t provide you with a cost withouth discussing all of these details, so please just give us a call or complete our short contact form below. Our team aim to provide you with a free quote the same week that you contact us.

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