Carports Edinburgh

Carports Edinburgh

Just had our garage roof done. It’s perfect, Absolutely first class job. The 2 lads were lovely, not one bit of mess left. Highly recommend. Many Thanks.

Tam Mitchell 👌👌
Sharon & Tam Mitchell, South Scotland, August 2021

Asbestos Garage Roof Metal Cladding

Replacement roof installed with the asbestos sheets safely removed, good the peace of mind of it all being taken care of”

Graham Cook, Edinburgh, March 2023

Garage roof replacement

“Amazing transformation to an old roof! Great service! Would highly recommend.”
Joanne Swan, Glasgow, December 2022

Asbestos Garage Roof Metal Cladding

Asbestos garage roof removed and replaced with a brand new one, the service was so efficient, arriving early in the morning completing the installation that day and leaving everything nice and tidy”

Nicholas Norman, Edinburgh, December 2022

Asbestos garage roof replacement

What Are Carports?

Carports offer open yet sheltered spaces for parking cars at home, providing protection from the elements to maintain the vehicle’s paintwork. They are typically more affordable alternatives to traditional garages, offering ample space for multiple vehicles and guests.

Beyond aesthetics, carports can also be practical, featuring amenities like sockets, pressure washers, or garden hoses for convenient car cleaning. The demand for carports in 2023 surged in Edinburgh and across Scotland due to the prevalence of multiple car households, the cost-effectiveness compared to garages, and the rising popularity of electric vehicles.

Various types of carports cater to different needs, which we’ll delve into further on this page.


Difference Between a Carport or Pergola

The distinction between a carport and a pergola is straightforward, in short, carports are designed primarily for storing cars, while pergolas, although adaptable for car storage, are typically intended for leisure and aesthetic enhancement in garden settings.


Garden pergola

Best Carports Edinburgh

The optimal carport choice hinges on several factors, including your requirements, property type, budget, and the number of vehicles. In Edinburgh, metal or solid timber wooden carports are often favoured for their durability against strong winds and harsh weather conditions. It’s essential to select a structure that can withstand the effects of rain and sunlight over time without deteriorating.

Metal Carports Edinburgh

Metal carports feature a frame crafted from stainless steel, encompassing both the supports and beams, topped with a metal cladding roof. Metal cladding is a composite material formed by bonding various metals together, such as steel, zinc, copper, and aluminum, to enhance durability. Many customers appreciate metal cladding for it’s low maintenance requirements compared to wood. Additionally, metal carports offer a range of colour options, allowing them to seamlessly complement the design of your house and garden.


Metal carport installation in Edinburgh featuring a stainless steel frame paired with a metal cladding roof.

Timber and Wooden Carports

Solid timber and wooden carports are a favoured choice for installations in Edinburgh. While some cheaper wooden carports may struggle in strong winds, our structures are meticulously crafted using robust materials, eliminating such concerns.

Regarding maintenance, depending on the type of wooden material chosen, applying oil periodically is recommended. Apart from this minimal upkeep, the roofs of wooden carports typically feature metal cladding or EPDM Firestone rubber roofing, ensuring longevity without significant maintenance requirements.


Wooden Caport installed in Edinburgh – Wood carport frame with metal cladding roof sheets

Solar Carports

Currently, we don’t offer installation for advanced and relatively pricey solar carports, which feature solar PV panels integrated into the roof. However, we do provide options for installing solar panels on your carport roof. Reach out to us to schedule a complimentary solar consultation, where we can explore the best panel types for your needs.


Solar Carport – with solar panels integrated into the roof.

Carports With EV Chargers

In recent years, there has been a significant surge in demand for home EV charge points, driven by the increasing number of electric vehicles, particularly Tesla models, on the roads. Installing a home EV charger in your carport offers convenience and is a logical choice for electric vehicle owners. If you’re interested in this option, we can assist you with the installation process.


Home EV Charger installed in a garage

Carport Roofs Edinburgh

We offer a variety of carport roof replacement options, each with its own advantages. During your complimentary free quote, we’ll provide a detailed breakdown of these options and help you determine which type of carport roof best meets your requirements.

Metal Carport Roof

Metal roofs, constructed from durable metal cladding, are renowned for their longevity, making them a preferred choice among homeowners. With a variety of color options available, they offer aesthetic flexibility. Moreover, their low maintenance requirements make them highly appealing to many.

PVC Plastic Carport Roof

Plastic roof sheets, commonly utilised for PVC carport roofs, are lightweight but may not be the ideal choice for Edinburgh’s weather conditions unless high-quality materials are used and considering the specific location of your carport.

One advantage of PVC roofs is their transparency, which allows natural light to filter through. This feature can be beneficial if you intend to use the carport for purposes other than parking your car.

GRP Carport Roof

GRP roofing, short for “glass reinforced polyester,” is a fibreglass material commonly used for flat roof installations. Similar to Firestone rubber roofs, GRP roofs offer a 25-year guarantee and can last for over 50 years.

Rubber Carport Roof

EPDM Firestone rubber carport roofs come with a 25 year guarantee and boast a life expectancy of over 50 years. This renowned material is used globally for its watertight and durable properties, offering the same maintenance free benefits as the metal cladding option.

firestone flat roofs Glasgow
firestone rubber flat roofs Glasgow

Garage or a Carport in Edinburgh

Garages will generally cost more than carports. They offer additional secure storage space and may even reduce your car insurance premium.

Carports, on the other hand, offer more open space around your home and garden. With modern features available for carports, the difference now often boils down to personal preference, regardless of cost.

Carport Cost in Edinburgh

The cost of your carport will depend on various factors including the type or structure you want installed, the roof and materials we will need to supply and fit. Installation can also dictate the price, most installs are fairly simple, however, we have come across some more challenging jobs over the years. 

We really can’t provide you with a cost withouth discussing all of these details, so please just give us a call or complete our short contact form below. Our team aim to provide you with a free quote the same week that you contact us.

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