Garage Roofs Perth & Kinross

Garage Roofs Perth & Kinross

Garage Roof Company Perth

Garage roof installation, replacement and repairs is another specialist area for the Collins roofing team, given the training we have had in this area, the high-quality roofing materials that we use and the regular garage roofing contracts that we carry out we have become a highly efficient team in all aspects of garage roofing.

Most of the enquiries we get are from people living in a 50 miles radius of Glasgow, including Perth and Kinross. Homeowners in these areas contact Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions looking for us to inspect their garage roof to determine whether its best to repair or replace it. Another popular request which is similar to garage roofing services is extension roof repair and replacement as the concept of a home extension is so similar to a garage roof. If you are looking for any of these services please call 0141 473 4757 or complete our short website enquiry form below.

“Repaired and corrected the design of my garage roof. Well and truly water tested over the last month and no more ingress. Great job.”
Mark D. Quigley, Perth and Kinross

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Overcladding Asbestos On Garage Roofs

We provide overcladding roof refurbishments which are quick to install and incredibly cost effective. This includes removing asbestos sheets that are already there, replacing them with brand new roof sheets. Other than removal another popular option is overcladding of an asbestos roof sheet it’s a cost effective roof refurbishment process that minimizes the disruption at your home. The roof over clad process also reduces the costly removal and disposal of the existing asbestos roof sheeting that must be landfilled if removed. Should we find asbestos then we will insist you have that removed or some insulation is carried out, your options are to either clad over existing asbestos sheets to maintain the condition of the sheet or to remove the materials that contain the asbestos and we then re-clad your roof.

Garage Roof Repairs Perth and Kinross

Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions offer all aspects of garage roof repair within a 60-mile radius of Glasgow including Perth and Kinross areas. Most garage roofs that we repair tend to have issues with water or insulation given due to harsh Scottish weather or the roofs age or dated materials used on your existing garage roof. If you can provide us with a rough idea of the damaged area on the phone then we will try our best to provide a ballpark quote to repair your garage roof to make sure we do not waste your time or our own. The more frequently we complete garage roof repairs the more we accurate our ballpark estimates on the telephone seem to be!

This example before and after is from a garage roof repair job near Stirling where moisture and other elements were entering the garage due to age and poor previous installation. We repaired the roof to a level as effective as a replacement garage roof, tightening all the seals off the roof with a 25-year guaranteed firestone flat roofing product build to stand the test of time in the harsh Scottish elements.

Garage Roof Replacement Perth

We have replaced hundreds of garage roofs in the Perth area since we started trading nearly 10 years ago. Over the years our speed, effectiveness and efficiency have increased dramatically and in most cases, we can replace a garage roof on the same day we begin work especially if we are installing firestone flat roofing on your garage which is another specialist area our company focuses on. If you decide to receive a quote from us to replace your garage roof, in most cases we will provide more than one option due to the different roofing materials and methods we have on offer. The most important aspect of our recommendation is that you do not have to think about replacing your garage roof again for many years to come and will have a long term maintenance free solutions for decades after we complete your replacement installation.

Cladding Over Asbestos Sheeting & Asbestos Roofs

Exterior cladding over asbestos sheets is better than exposing it to the Scottish weather, especially if you stay in an area where there has been storm damage in the past. We can provide a full exterior cladding installation over your roof. By fully enclosing the asbestos with vinyl or aluminium you can be sure it won’t damage and keep your home safe. The other reason people have cladding installed on their roof is that it prevents any water from leaking through and protect it from harsh weather. The cladding we install is stylish and efficient and safe, it’s no secret what can happen with cheap cladding that is not installed correctly. We make sure it’s high-quality products and that it’s installed safely. In terms of the Perth and Kinross market, Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions are a great choice when it comes to cladding your roof. Your new garage roof comes with extensive guarantees, We are in a fortunate position to pass on part of our discounted prices we receive from our suppliers as we are not tied to any one supplier. Contact us today for a free quote to overclad your asbestos garage roof.

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    I was utterly impressed by the service I received from Tommy at Collins Roofing and Solar Solutions, not only did he re-roof my house which consisted of over 2500 roof tiles, new batons and breathable membrane, he made good any issues he found along the way. He was totally reliable and worked late into many evenings to ensure that targets were met. His team were polite, quiet and ensured that disruption was kept to a minimum. I was always consulted when we met any changes and all issues were resolved without issue. They even resolved an issue with my garage roof that I thought was unrepairable. Highly recommended and I would gladly use them again
    Davy Cramer, Perth Area

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    Completed Replacement Garage Roof in Perth

    We began replacing this garage roof extension by stripping back the old felt to expose the rafters which we then insulated with 150mm of insulation board installing a new sloping roof to replace the existing garage roof. The roof was sheeted with 18mm of sterling board which is large solid wooden boards that offer a far more solid long term solution for your roof, securing the whole structure of the roof. Before we installing we made to measure the EPDM Firestone rubber roofing material which makes for a fully bonded smooth finish on the new replacement roof.

    Just like we do on most new garage roofs that we replace in Perth and Kinross, we ensured the roof was aesthetically pleasing by installing new uPVC fascia boards, soffits, and gutters. All of the roofline that we install come with new black dip trims making for a tidy completion on this roof.

    Garage Roofs in Scotland

    Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions are ready and able to complete garage roof repair and replacement all over Central Scotland in Ayrshire, Dunbartonshire, Glasgow, EdinburghFalkirk, FifePaisley & Renfrewshire, Perth and KinrossStirlingWest Lothian and all surrounding towns and villages of Central Scotland.

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