Birds & Pigeons Nesting Under Solar Panels

Birds & Pigeons Nesting Under Solar Panels

I found Collins to be reliable and prompt.The lads did a very good job in
protecting our solar panels from the birds.Some of the panels were in awkward sitings as shown, this they managed to overcome.
A really neat job. Would recommend.

Rob Cunningham 5th June 2019

Dunblane Homeowner, 5* Google Review

How to stop birds & pigeons nesting under your solar panels?

Birds and pigeons nesting under solar panels is an extremely common problem for homeowners in Stirling, Doune, Dunblane, Aberfoyle, Callander, and across Stirlingshire. On average, Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions supply and fit 2 or 3 solar panel bird proofing kits across Central Scotland every single day! 

Given that your solar panels are installed on your roof, it creates a good environment for birds and especially pigeons to nest and habitat. It’s all a fairly new phenomenon after the large increase in popularity of solar energy during the last 20 years. The issue is now widespread, with pigeons being the more prevalent in Scotland’s big towns and cities such as Stirling.

People are always contacting us looking for ways to get rid of these pests and the mess and noise they create.

Listed on the bottom of this page are some of the problems, effects and solutions for birds and pigeons nesting underneath your solar panels.

before solar bird proofing Hamilton, Glasgow
before solar bird proofing in Hamilton, Glasgow
before solar bird proofing Hamilton
after solar bird proofing Hamilton, Glasgow

Long Lasting Solar Panel Protection

As you can see in the pictures from this job in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, we had to remove the existing ineffective wire / mesh system. Cheap chicken wire and mesh does not prevent birds, pigeons and pests from nesting under your solar panels long term. These products also don’t last well through Scottish winters! Protect your solar panels from birds, pigeons, and pests for the long term with our solar edge protection kit. 

We only ever use custom made solar edge protection corrugated steel bird proofing, cheap alternatives don’t last and you will soon find pieces of them in your garden!

Don't Pay Twice!

Get rid of birds and pests first time with solar edge protection

Tommy and his team came out and bird proofed our solar panels of which we have twenty. We’ve had no issues in the last six years but this year pidgeons started nesting in them making a terrible racket starting from 5 am !!
Having looked about and studied what options were available , Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions offered the most superior solution at a competitive price.
No hesitation in recommending them to others .

Steven Cavanagh, Glasgow

Solar Panel Bird Proofing Job, 5* Facebook Review

What are the effects of pigeons nesting under solar panels?

Other than the foul smell, the birds under solar panels can cause several problems the droppings build up as they fly over and perch on the panels and this could affect the efficiency by reducing its module. This can affect the overall efficiency of the solar system output. This would mean that you will have to spend money trying to do repairs and in the worst cases, replacement.

Birds mess corrosive effect

You should never overlook the corrosive effect of the birds mess. When allowed to stay on the solar panels for a while, their mess will rest on the panels and with time wear out the surface of the pane. The droppings which have ammonia and saltwater will compromise the aluminium. It increases the rate of corrosion and this could damage the panels completely.

What if you install self-cleaning solar panels?

Most solar companies will hype the self-cleaning module so much, however, this will only cover the dirt and dust resulting from the atmosphere which is easily washed by the rainwater. Birds droppings are so adamant that they cannot be washed by rainwater, your solar panels will need scrubbing and this could spoil the entire panel. Removing the birds nest and then preventing the birds from coming back is the only long term solution.

What happens if my solar panels stop working?

When birds and pigeons are left to nest under solar panels, they can easily dislodge wiring and this could stop the entire system from working. With an extended stay under the panels, there is potential for damage and even dangerous fires. You need to call in some professionals who can remove the birds nest and inspect the condition of your solar panels.

Is it only pigeons who nest?

In Glasgow and other parts of Scotland, many other birds and pests could choose to inhabit the space under your solar panels. Pests like squirrels can easily cause problems like dislodging or chewing the wires which would then require repairs and in the worst-cases replacements, something that is very costly. Therefore, you need to get in place some preventive measures to keep these pests off.

Pigeon mess health hazards

When you have pigeons nesting under the solar panels, there are so many hazards that could befall you. Many types of bacteria and insects could harm your people. If not properly treated, the insects can spread to the internal part of the building. Thus there must be proper treatment measures that need to be taken.

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    Methods for pigeon proofing solar panels in Stirlingshire

    Get a wire mesh

    This is one of the best and effective bird-proofing home solar systems. These are designed with thin holes and mesh clips that hold the panel running around the edges. The sealing off of the panels does not keep off air from circulating, it can still move through. Bird netting is quite a cost-effective option that has diminished resistance and thus perfect.

    Install roof spikes

    They may not be the best option for keeping the birds at bay but spikes work wonders. They make it hard for the birds to roost and they are not able to hang around. Therefore, there is a minimal mess from such. You can pair these with roof netting or some similar tactics that will help keep the roof net free and solar panels remain clean.

    Solar panel bird guards and barriers

    Solar panel bird guards and barriers are often confused due to different terminology for what we would name ‘solar panel bird proofing’. However, the literal definition of solar bird guards and barriers can be highly ineffective, with the likes of wire mesh, bird spikes, cheap plastic guards & imitations and other ineffective barriers and guards being passed off as effective solar panel bird and pigeon proofing.

    Regular maintenance of solar panels

    Maintenance of the solar panel is paramount if you want to keep of notorious birds like pigeons and other pests. The PV array should always be in good condition and should be less susceptible to bird droppings. Look for a professional solar panel company in Glasgow, that will do routine cleaning of the panels, carry out any repairs needed on the panel, check cracks or any mounting issues. This will ensure that the panel is not infested by the birds and its efficiency is optimal.

    Solar Panel Bird Protection Stirling & Central Scotland

    As stated above, it is incredibly common for birds to nest on solar panels. Scotland is home to a large population of birds and they have caused problems for people with solar panels all of our solar installations includes bird proofing. If you already have solar panels and need them bird proofed then get in touch. Solar panel bird proofing is an area of roofing and solar we are well practised in, we are extremely efficient in making sure the bird proofing is made to last from the very first installation. If you do your research you will come across many blogs and other online articles where solar panel bird proofing has been installed that has not solved the problem due to poor installation or materials. Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions ensure you we will get the job done correctly the first time with our solar edge protection kit.

    Our Bird & Pigeon Proofing Solar Panel Offer

    For every solar panel bird proofing job that we complete in Stirling, we will happily clean your roof’s gutters free of charge. Please complete the following short contact form to take advantage of this offer for more information call us or complete the short form below.

    Bird Proofing Solar Panel Reviews

    Tommy and the guys fixed solar panels that were no longer producing energy and also bird proofed all of the panels which has stopped ongoing issues with bird nests, fast service and fair prices ,highly recommended, thanks Chris and Maureen
    Chris & Maureen Weston, Glasgow

    Solar Panel Repair & Bird Proofing Job, 5* Google Review

    “Tommy and the guys have helped me with a few different roofing business and solar jobs, they got rid of the birds nesting under my solar panels, repaired my solar inverter, fixed some repairs needing done on my roof and installed new gutters and plastics. You always get them the same way, friendly, on time and professional, amazing local tradesmen!”

    James Kennedy, Stirling

    Solar Panel Repairs & Bird Proofing Job, 5* Yell Review

    “The guys did a fantastic job, really tidy and a very reasonable price. Would definitely recommend”

    Ruairi Kelly, Glasgow

    Solar Panel Bird Proofing Job, 5* Facebook Review

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