Solar Panels North Ayrshire

Solar Panels North Ayrshire

I found Collins to be reliable and prompt.The lads did a very good job in
protecting our solar panels from the birds.Some of the panels were in awkward sitings as shown, this they managed to overcome.
A really neat job. Would recommend. 

Rob Cunningham 5th June 2019

Irvine, North Ayrshire, 5* Google Review

Solar Panels Airdrie, Coatbridge & Cumbernauld

By installing our solar PV panels you can expect to save around money, we are confident even in Scottish weather that you will see a reduction in energy bills. Solar panels will save you money on your energy bills you can also earn money from a feed-in tariff scheme for producing your own electricity.

Scottish Households can expect a return on investment within 14 years and make a 4.8% return I over 20 years if well maintained.

The renewable heat incentive (RHI) comes into force this will pay you for energy produced from solar panels. Solar panels give you a far better value for money heating solution.

The UK despite the sometimes rather miserable weather receives plenty of solar energy if you have the right equipment in good condition to catch all the heat. Solar PV panels and be installed in your home in North Lanarkshire or across Scotland and still produce lots of heat to make a saving while you heat your home.

In North Lanarkshire low light, solar panels can still manage to produce electricity although obviously, it would work better in the outback!. Research shows that the solar irradiance in the UK and Scotland is not too dissimilar to Germany and other European nations.

An average of 2 to 3 hours of energy generating sunlight each day over the period of a year is enough to handle the energy demands of any small family household.

Solar PV panels work equally on a cold day as Solar PV panels work on light not heat so the Scottish weather will still produce energy. On a cloudy day, well maintained high-quality panels will generate heat even through the cloud.

Solar Panel Repair Irvine & North Ayrshire

We repair all solar panels to the standard of a new panel or we replace them with a matching panel that will work better for you (only if we can’t repair to a reasonable level.) Maintenance of solar panels can end up an expensive process if the repair work required is not diagnosed properly during the initial inspection. Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions always complete rigorous?tests to fault find exactly what needs to be repaired on your solar panels before starting any repair work.? If you have had your panels installed by us you will know our number and can get a hold of us 7 days a week on 0141 473 4757. For new customers please feel free to call or complete our short contact form.

Solar Panel Bird Proofing Irvine & North Ayrshire

It is incredibly common for birds to nest on solar panels. North Ayrshire is home to a large population?of birds and they have caused problems for people with solar panels all of our solar installations includes bird proofing. If you already have solar panels and need them bird proofed then get in touch. Solar panel bird proofing is an area of roofing and solar we are well practised in, we are extremely?efficient in making sure the bird proofing is made to last from the very first installation. If you do your?research you will come across many blogs and other online articles where solar panel bird proofing has been installed that has not solved the problem due to poor installation or materials. Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions ensure you we will get the job done correctly the first time.

Bird & Pigeon Proofing Solar Panel Offer

For every solar panel bird proofing job that we complete within a 20-mile radius of Irvine, we will happily clean your roof’s gutters free of charge. Please complete the following short contact form to take advantage of this offer for more information on the offer click here.

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    This was a solar panel repair job in Irvine, North Ayrshire where we repaired and replaced some damaged and faulty broken solar panels. We also removed a birds nest and bird proofed the panels to prevent any future nesting taking place.

    We only ever use custom made solar edge protection corrugated steel bird proofing, the plastic alternative doesn’t last and you will soon find pieces of it in your garden!

    Solar Panel Inverter Repair & Replacement

    Often when customers contact us to report that their solar panels are not working properly the root of the problem is not the solar panels but the solar PV inverter. Most of the faults with solar PV inverters tend to be related to the electrics either with regards to the wattage output dropping or the main wire and power feed being faulty. Solar inverter breakdown is very common and is easily fixed, Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions has an NICEIC approved electrician as part of our team who will visit your property to diagnose what the issue is. After we isolate the problem we can then quote you for a repair or replacement of your solar panel inverter and have your solar panels back to full working in order in a short period of time.  

    Solar Panel Removal North Ayrshire

    Safe solar panel stripping and solar panel removal cannot be carried out by just anyone. In fact many of the people who contact us to remove solar panels for them are other roofing companies?who understand how important it is to only let approved installers carry out any work on them. We are happy to offer safe and professional solar panel removal to companies and individuals within?a 20-mile radius of Irvine. (Any work outside a 20-mile radius will be agreed on a case by case basis depending on demand and the size and scale of the job.)

    Solar Panel Installer Irvine, North Ayrshire

    The roof and solar installation contract pictured below was completed for a local homeowner in Irvine, North Ayrshire. We managed to take camera shots from a few different angles on this one, hopefully,?you can see the standard of our work and if you are looking for a solar panel installer in West Lothian then you will consider Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions. On this job, we stripped back sheeted breathable battens that are tiled with new verges and a dry ridge system. On large roofing contracts such as this one in North Ayrshire, we refitted and bird proofed this roof and its solar panels. This particular job was returning customer who is amongst the large list of satisfied customers who have rated Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions 5 out of 5 stats on the likes of Facebook, Google and Yell.

    “Tommy and his team came out and bird proofed our solar panels of which we have twenty. We?ve had no issues in the last six years but this year pidgeons started nesting in them making a terrible racket starting from 5 am !!
    Having looked about and studied what options were available , Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions offered the most superior solution at a competitive price.
    No hesitation in recommending them to others.”
    Steven Cavanagh,

    Irvine Homeowner, 5* Facebook Review

    “Company did an excellent job very happy with there work would highly recommend them
    Elaine W,

    North Ayrshire Homeowner, 5* Yell Review

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